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Buy Cialis pills to fix erection issues

As practice shows – 5-10 minutes of daily massage can give a stunning result, raising the male libido to the previous level. As Chinese healers said: the best healers are our dexterous hands.

Problems with erections can catch a man by surprise at any age. All the fault – a frenzied rhythm of life, multitasking, frequent stresses, and sedentary work. Taken together, these factors increase cortisol, which in turn “destroys” testosterone. As a result: weak sexual desire and sluggish erection due to nervous system congestion and poor circulation in the small pelvis.

But you can fix this situation in just a couple of steps – by the usual point massage of the feet, aimed not only at relaxation but also at strengthening the entire sexual system. After all, the human leg is endowed with more than 60 active points through which you can affect almost all internal organs and systems of the body.

The points on the heels are responsible for the erection and libido. Daily 5-10 minute massage session increases blood circulation in the pelvic organs, which is an excellent prevention of prostate diseases, stagnation, and weak resistance. At the same time, the body calms down, relaxes, and the nervous system unloads and decreases the level of the stress hormone – cortisol.

To make the massage more effective, experts recommend using steaming foot baths with mint and lavender, and during the stimulation of the feet to apply coconut oil or rosemary. And after that, you don’t need any Cialis. Anyway, you can buy these pills at CialDOC.