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J. Fuego Cigar Co. to Outsource Sales, Marketing and Customer Service to Cypress Group Miami

Miami, March 1, 2017.

As part of our commitment to quality, we at J. Fuego have decided to use the highly qualified services of Cypress Group Miami to handle all our sales to Brick & Mortar tobacconists as well as our social media, website and marketing.
With our new 20,000 square foot factory in Nicaragua, I believe my focus should be in blending, producing and quality control while my father Jose Fuego will keep the factory supplied with the best tobaccos.
Cypress Group Miami has enlisted our former National Sales Director Joseph Bravo, Dr James Thomas, MBA and Berta Bravo, The Guayabera Lady among other very experienced professionals in the fields that J. Fuego needed the most. After studying their aggressive program I’m convinced that our retailers and consumers will benefit from this new venture.
While J. Fuego will keep storing our cigars, shipping, and billing all our retailers, Cypress Group Miami will create a higher awareness of the J. Fuego brand, easier access to deals, new product information and smoother ordering process.
More exciting news coming soon!

Thanks to all J. Fuego supporters!
Jesus L. Fuego