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Drew Estate Cigars Liga Privada H99

Date Reviewed: 04/04/20
I felt compelled to review this stick because only a select few have been lucky enough to snag this beast of a Liga when they were originally released. It may be years before we see them again but anything this great is worth the wait! This is by no slim margin the best Liga Privada DE has ever created. Where the Liga line shines with its rich, deep flavors, big smoke and it’s ability to not totally dry out your palate, the H99 takes it to a whole new level. The wrapper is a slight shade lighter than a traditional Liga with hues of deep red and tanned leather spots, it’s just beautiful! This vitola is BIG, so be ready for a very smooth, cool draw while smoking this stick with huge amounts of smoke and an even burn. This cigar is neither super spicy or sweet, it falls in the middle with a lot of leather and oak notes. The first, second and third portion of the cigar remain similar with little difference as it burns which I appreciated. If you can get your hands on one, smoke it. It will knock your socks off!