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Drew Estate Cigar Co. Liga Privada




Drew Estate Cigar Co.


Liga Privada #9


Belicoso, 6 x 52




Connecticut Broadleaf, USA


$12 +

This cigar had an extremely deep brown color with a reddish hue. It was extremely hearty in appearance yet silky to the touch. The pre-light nose was sweet with fruit and earthy notes. Once lit the cigar provided large volumes of full flavored, dense smoke. It had a creamy texture with unique spices in the aroma. The burn was slow, extremely even and consistently produced smoke from the foot. It had a rich character with full flavors, a full aroma and a very full body.

The original Liga #9 was cause to go to war. It was drooling fantastic. When Steve Saca left, the blend changed and so did the dynamics of the stick. However, there is a new kid on the block called Liga Privada Exclusivimente, box pressed and it hits all the marks. Hard to find but not impossible. Well worth your effort to locate and enjoy.
I’ve been smoking these daily since 2009. I love these cigars and consider them my crack habit.
Extremely solid from start to finish every single time. My all time favorite cigar. Excellent smoke
Hands down one of the best cigars in the market! Always consistent and there when you need it! #DE4L
Amazing smoke! From start to finish very bold , strong notes of coffee but then goes into a creamy delight.
Awesome cigar full body can not go wrong with this one
this is my go to it will never let you down !!!!
I\'m in love with this one full never can go wrong with this. It\'s a little pricey but it\'s well worth it ?
I own a box of the T52 and have had the no9 these are right up there with the best
You absolutely can\'t go wrong with this one!
The one that started it all! Ballsy, unique flavors, smoke production like no other. Liga 9 is King for a reason.
One of my absolute favorite cigars!Be ready ready for this smoke! This cigar is full of flavor, constantly changing and intensifying thru out the smoke. there is very little tobacco left when I smoke this flavor packed cigar.There are so many nuances to this you just have to see for yourself. love love love this cigar!
This is one of the best in the Liga line. Definitely not for the beginner and a word of advice be sure to have a full stomach before smoking.
What more to say than its a LIGA 9 from Drew Estate!
Keep this on hand always very nice with glass of burbon
You don\'t start somebody out on this cigar but, when they\'re ready to know what top-of-the-line is like, this is it! Take it slow, enjoy the pre-light aroma, draw slowly and kick back with a quality Rum or Bourbon.
I\'m more preferential to the T52, but the #9 is a great cigar that I would smoke whenever the opportunity presents itself.
Best stick I\'ve ever smoked!
If I could smoke this stick everyday I would. I love the sweet earthy tones and it is a great burn especially when I am looking for a nice long time at the lounge.