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Dunbarton Tobacco and Trust Sin Compromiso




Dunbarton Tobacco and Trust


Sin Compromiso


No. 5 Parejo, 6 x 54




San Andrés Negro



An impressive looking larger cigar with a traditional type of box press.  The wrapper had a deep reddish-brown hue and was silky smooth to the touch.  Cedar on the pre-light nose with a sweet undertone that was also noticed in the pre-light taste.  There was a very slight resistance on the draw that allowed it to deliver generous amounts of smoke to the palate with ease.  Once lit, the smoke immediately had a dense, creamy, almost chewy texture.  It had a good amount of spicy pepper notes when retro-haling the smoke through the nose which lingered but never overwhelmed the senses.  It maintained a dominating creaminess throughout the duration of the cigar.  The aroma had a mild tobacco sweetness with some cedar that matched the flavor profile of the cigar.  Medium bodied with a longer, fuller finish in the second half.  The burn was slow, incredibly even and produced a long white ash.  This was a hearty cigar that had a lot of balance and an incredibly smooth personality.

Another amazing cigar by Steve Saka. I dont know if tbis giy ever released a bad cigar. Would highly recommend to anyone who hasnt yried a Steve Saka cigar!
One of the best sticks I’ve smoked this winter. Bought the last 2 at my B&M. Can’t wait for them to get more in.
one of my all time favorites. Rich smooth robust flavors, great smoke, great cigar!
Amazing cigar. The craftsmanship was incredible. It burned evenly and slow the entire way through. The band is clean and simple but still elegantly compliments the wrapper. This cigar definitely has a great flavor and aroma. The whole package was amazing to enjoy.
I love the peppery notes this cigar brings to the palate.
This is one of my all time faves. It seems to never disappoint!
Cannot go wrong with the DTT line. With the Sin Compromiso, this is a great after dinner cigar, rich, bold a bit spicy and well balanced.
Can never go wrong with DTT! Such great rich flavors, razor sharp burn and impeccable construction!!!
Great rich dark flavors, flawless construction, impeccable burn. A tad expensive but worth the quality.
This is an amazing cigar. Definitely a smoke to try. Very bold, and intense. Not for the weak
Such a stellar cigar. It has a lot of flavor in this guy and can’t beat the price!
Another great cigar from DTT - smooth !
another great smoke from Dunbarton tons of flavor!
Another great smoke from Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust. Smooth, amazing construction, plentiful rich smoke. Kudos Mr.Saka!
This cigar is actually one of my faves. I\'ve had about 7 of them total. At 18 bucks they arent cheap but they are well worth it
Great stick. Super rich, almost decadent smoke. Lots of earthy, chocolatey notes.
Excellent cigar! A full bodied flavor bomb that was constructed very well
This was a good cigar. Wish it had just a little more sin in it }=)
beautiful great tasting complex cigar. one on my favorites
Ok, let me first make it clear that I’m a HUGE DT&T fan and admirer of Steve Saka. The Sin Compromiso is one of my favorite cigars of the past 5 years. Boldly complex, amazing construction and burn and a deep and rich flavor profile that really makes you anticipate what flavors this cigar will produce next. Really should have rated it 5 but I tend to understate things.
Saka hit a homerun with this one Only draw back is the price But still worth it
This was the most recent cigar I puffed. The ash fell off every 1/2in. It stayed lit with great combustion big clouds and a most enjoyable flavor profile.
I\'ve only had one... but I was thoroughly impressed and wish I had more!!!
I tasted nothing special on this particular cigar. I’ll have to try more to see if time changes it.
Another winner from Mr. Saka, I love how no two smokes coming out of DTT are even close to the same profile. This is one creamy as hell cigar...
over priced
This cedar-sleeved beauty has a smooth and silky wrapper. Aromas from the foot are cocoa and coffee. The cold draw is perfect. This morning’s beverage is a Steep18 Cold Brew Coffee. The initial flavors are cocoa and coffee. The retrohale is smooth with just the right amount of black pepper. The burn is very even. In the first third some cedar notes join the flavor profile. This is a smooth medium to full bodied cigar. The pepper in the retrohale has backed off a bit. The burn remains very even. During the second third complexity of flavors remains excellent. The retrohale is smooth with just the right amount of pepper. The burn remains very even. This cigar is very consistent. The construction is excellent and the complexity of flavors remains perfect. The cigar does progress to a full bodied smoke.