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Foundation Cigar Company Güegüense Maduro




Foundation Cigar Company


Güegüense Maduro


Toro Huaco, 6 x 56 (Box-Pressed)




San Andrés, Mexico


$12 +

An attractive looking, slightly box pressed cigar that had great hand and eye appeal. Firmly packed with tobacco and heavy in the hand, the draw was smooth and effortless.  The texture of the wrapper was smooth to the touch, with some toothiness and an oily sheen. The pre-light nose was earthy, sweet and clean.  Once lit there was no doubt that it was going to deliver a full and rich flavor through dense, full-bodied smoke.  There were notes of black pepper in the taste with spicy white pepper notes through the nose.  Spices continued to linger in the taste and in the nose throughout the duration of the cigar and accentuated the full flavors. More earthy and dark chocolate notes developed.  The burn was incredibly even and slow.  Overall this was a rich, full flavored, spicy, full bodied cigar that was incredibly well made.  Ideal for later in the day, after a meal or with a strong drink. This is a great cigar to kick back with and enjoy. 

Foundation makes such good cigars. The construction is always on point. The flavor of this cigar has slight pepper with a sweetness that pairs well with most stouts for me.
Solid construction as expected. Earthy as you would expect from a san andres wrapper.
One of my top ten cigars that I keep in my humidor. This is a full bodied boxed pressed cigar. I love the notes of pepper and chocolate that last throughout the cigar. The Wise Man Maduro is constructed very well and has a slow even burn
I\'d easily say this was my favorite cigar of the year for 2017! Great flavor, construction, everything you\'d want and more!!
I enjoyed it, but was not blown away...
Easily the best cigar to come out in 2017. Nick Melillo knocked it out of the park with this stick, and it is, in my opinion, the pinnacle of the Mexican San Andres wrapper. Any size will get the job done, but my personal favorite is the Churchill. This is a cigar everyone must have in their humidor.
Love this box press new exciting cigar of 2017. Nick pulled together a cigar with great complexities of flavor without getting muddy throughout the whole cigar. Loving on the bold flavor of earthy tones mixed with spicy hints. This cigar was really great to smoke while laughing with friends cause it was so to be around.
One of my favorite 2017 releases. I would have given it a higher rating but being a new cigar I haven\'t been able to spend much time with it. I\'ve only had the pleasure to smoke a few. I\'m excited to see how this one ages. It\'s bold, spicy, earthy with a lot of cocoa. The box press feels nice and the cigar smoked effortlessly. Full favors, full and rich aroma with a full body. I\'ll definitely be revisiting this one.