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White Hat Fine Cigars Releasing Soneros in early Q2 2018.

White Hat Fine Cigars has been patiently awaiting the release of their fourth and fifth lines of
Cigars: Soneros Maduro, and Soneros Habano Claro. Following the successful releases of the
H.R. Signature, H.R. Claro, and H.R. Blue, White Hat is extremely excited to launch their newest
offering, Soneros!

“The cigars will start shipping in early April, but we have added them to our price sheet and
have already begun taking pre-orders.” – Spence Drake
The cigars have been manufactured at their factory, La Corona in Estelí, Nicaragua by Don Omar
González-Alemán and aging for the last several months.

Don Omar González-Alemán comes from a family dedicated to growing tobacco. His father
Miguel González Crespo, paternal grandfather, and uncles started this family tradition. The
experience and wisdom passed down from previous generations allowed him to learn the
tobacco craft from where it begins, the farm. After years in the farm, he took his talents to
Havana where he ran one of the most famous factories in Cuba, La Corona; there he supervised
the creation of some of the finest cigars in the world, including Cuba’s first limited edition cigar.
Today he continues his life’s work and passion from Estelí, Nicaragua; where Soneros was born.
Similar to a “Sonero”, the lead singer in the Cuban “Son” music, who creatively improvises a
beautiful melody, a master cigar blender crafts a blend of tobacco by improvising and
experimenting until the result is perfection.

“We have been excited about both of these blends since we finalized them in early
2016. Based on the sampling we’ve done with our “friends and family” in the industry, I expect
this to be our most successful release to date!” – Spence Drake