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Generic erectile dysfunction meds in Illinois by mail

It has become much more convenient to buy the necessary erectile dysfunction medical products. This service helps people with health problems not leave their homes and order the entire list of desired drugs in one place. All this can be done at home, as well as reading the instructions or choosing cheaper generics.

Meijer Pharmacy (Google Rating: 3.4)

  • 3800 Vollmer Rd, Flossmoor, IL 60422, United States
  • (708) 991-1610

Overpriced, understocked, understaffed, and probably undercompensated I never see more than one employee here and they are always depressed and lonely despite great customer service.

I’ve been using this Meijer Pharmacy for many years. A customer ahead of me was being very difficult, and I complimented the clerk for handling the situation in a most professional way. Her grin said it all.

Franciscan Outpatient Pharmacy Olympia Fields (Google Rating: 5.0)

  • 20201 Crawford Ave, Olympia Fields, IL 60461, United States
  • (708) 747-7283

I went to pick up a prescription tonight. Called another store and had it transferred before closed. They claimed I never called. When we confirmed by phone records that it did, in fact, happen prior to the close, they refused to fill the prescription even though they confirmed it was taken care of by Aris over the phone. The pharmacist Minoo then proceeded to school me on the fact that I should not wait until the last minute to call. The manager in the store was so unprofessional- I can’t even explain how bad. I then explained that through this disclosure of my private health information protected by HIPAA to all the customers around me that it was then criminal. Please fill your prescription anywhere else. I will be filing a HIPAA complaint as well as following up with Franciscan Outpatient Pharmacy Olympia Fields about how unprofessional this was handled. I can’t believe this actually happened.

The waits are always long, but the pharmacist was helpful and knowledgeable, so I guess it was worth it overall.

EDMeans Pharmacy (Google Rating: 4.3)

  • 3200 Vollmer Rd, Olympia Fields, IL 60461, United States
  • (708) 503-3617

Fast service on Rx new and refill; staff courteous and usually someone welcomes you to the store (there are a few exceptions); clean and modern store; stock is displayed well with very good lighting; good selection of items; generally a well-run store.

24 -hour pharmacy. That’s priceless when you have a sick family member and need to get meds on a holiday weekend at 10 pm. EDMeans pharmacy is already clean, and the associates are very helpful. I enjoy coming to this location.

Jewel-Osco Pharmacy (Google Rating: 4.2)

  • 3153 W, 183rd St, Homewood, IL 60430, United States
  • (708) 799-8411

Once my go-to pharmacy, I would not recommend this place anymore. The customer service is horrible, and the pharmacy assistants have little knowledge of what they are doing. Two recent events have brought me to this decision. First, in the past, if a drug was not on my insurance companies’ formulary, the staff would let me know before filling the prescription. They no longer do that. It cost me $170 for a 30-day prescription. I can get a 90 day supply of an alternative medication on my formulary for $70. Secondly, I was recently was prescribed an antibiotic/pain relief medication that was to be started immediately. When presenting the prescription to the staff, I was informed they did not have it. There was no offer to find it at a different location. He just handed the prescription back to me. Now, four days after I needed it, they are calling to tell me it has been filled.

Since the change in upper company management, Jewel-Osco Pharmacy has been nonstop mistakes. I went two days ago to refill my prescription for anxiety meds. It was before the thirty days, but my doctor had increased the dosage. They said they had to call him to verify the next day. Which they didn’t have to do, but I said ok. So I went in this morning, and they hadn’t called and told me again I couldn’t refill it. I explained he had changed the dosage, and they finally filled it. Then I checked the receipt just now, and even though I have a GoodRX card on file and should have been charged 13 dollars, I was charged 43 but was so out of it without my meds that I missed it at the time. Now I have to go back and argue with them again and get my money refunded. Worst pharmacy experiences ever with them now, when they used to be one of the best.