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Black Works Studio Boondock Saint




Black Works Studio


Boondock Saint


Robusto, 5.25 x 50




Pennsylvania Broadleaf


$9 - $11.99

An interesting shaped cigar with a rounded foot that was closed off with uncut wrapper tobacco.  The wrapper was smooth to the touch with a deep brown color and oily pockets.  The pre-light nose was sweet, earthy and had some chocolate notes, all of which carried over to the aroma once lit.  You get a wonderful preview of the wrapper flavors when arming the foot with a lighter. The draw was smooth with just a slight resistance and the cigar required no touch-ups, which is always a feat with cigars utilizing thick and oily tobaccos.  The smoke had a creamy texture with developing spices.  White and black pepper notes lingered on the taste with spicy red pepper notes in the nose.  The cigar had a hardy texture and bold flavor profile as soon as it was lit. The body didn’t take long to build to full but it never overwhelmed the senses.  The burn was slow and even with great construction overall.  A full flavored rich and spicy cigar with deep earthy characteristics.  

Good cigar Definitely a keeper in the weekly rotation
half off bin i know why now
Not a pleasant smoke super tight draw
draw issues like most of the cigars from BLTC. That and I didn\'t feel like it was aged tobacco, hints of ammonia and tastes of too fresh tobacco are what give the cigars strength
Definitely recommend for any full flavor full body fans of cigars. BWS makes some solid smokes.
Awesome flavor and spice!
This cigar features a dark wrapper with a couple of veins and a closed foot. The wrapper and foot smell like dark chocolate and leather. The bunch is firm and the cold draw is good. Tonight\'s beverage is a Samuel Smith\'s Chocolate Stout. Not surprisingly, the initial flavor notes are dark chocolate and leather, with a hint of cedar. The burn is perfect and the ash is a mottled grey with no flakes. There is a light white pepper note in the retrohale. The construction is top notch. The ash dropped at 1/2 inch. This cigar is definitely full bodied. During the first third the flavors continue to be leather and dark chocolate with some cedar and the white pepper notes building in the retrohale. The finish is a bit dry. The burn continues to be even despite the veins. The second third continues to be pleasant and the with plentiful cool smoke. The finish is no longer dry and is smooth and rich. The flavor notes are blending nicely. The cedar notes have picked up a bit while the chocolate and leather notes are consistent. The burn continues to be even. Approaching the final inch the dark chocolate has become really rich, especially on deep draws. The burn is still even. I really like this cigar and recommend it to anyone who likes a full bodied smoke.
Top 3 of 2017 for me
This cigar is simply amazing! Probably the best PA Broadleaf blend I have ever smoked
One of the best sticks I have had lately,bold,smooth and nice flavor throughout the entire smoke.
Love this stick! Bold and smooth. Great smoke. Box worthy for sure! Another great one from James Brown and the guys at BLTC and BLKWKS
Great stick didn\'t want to put it down